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Budweiser Gardens (formerly John Labatt Centre), London, ON

VB&S were part of  the original team to work on the design documents of the Budweiser Gardens building. Prior to construction, VB&S assisted with a possible shoring scheme of the original walls at the corner of Talbot St and Dundas St. VB&S assisted in the investigation of the structural performance of the original Vic Hotel.  It was later determined that the original brick walls were in a state that restoration was not feasible. VB&S provided support to the design engineers during the caisson, foundation and grade beam installation. Additional support was also provided during site meetings and structural steel inspection phases


VB&S now provides ongoing structural engineering services to Bud Gardens when engineering services are required. Some of the past projects include:

· Design and review of snow guards around the perimeter of the curved roof

· Analysis of existing roof trusses for loading during the various shows/concerts (ie: Cirque-du-soliel, Metallica, Paul McCartney, How to train a Dragon)

· On-going arena inspections

· New score board analysis and installation

· Arbour System Review

· Analysis of existing Caissons for loading due to proposed interior floor add’n


London Office:

1108 Dundas St, Ste 104, London, ON N5W 3A7 

Tel: 519-433-4661 E-Mail: vbands@vbands.com

Niagara Falls Office:

4082 Portage Rd, Unit 1, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6A3

Tel: 905-357-2030  E-Mail: al@vbands.com

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