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Sunday May 01, 2016
Our People
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Gary VanBoxmeer , P.Eng -- President University of Western Ontario London Office
Gary has over 23 years of engineering experience spanning all types of structures and building materials. Even prior to entering University, Gary has had extensive hands on experience working in construction. Gary has grown up in the industry. He began his working career with Hastings & Aziz in London, but left to form the company VanBoxmeer & Stranges (VB&S) in 1994.

Rick Stranges , P.Eng -- Vice President University of Western Ontario London Office
Rick has over 18 years of experience having worked with a few organizations during his career. This includes a major construction firm and the structural consulting firm of Hastings & Aziz in London. This gives Rick the advantage of working in the fields of construction, administration and consulting. In 1994, Rick joined Gary to incorporate the parent company of VB&S.

Al Antonio , P.Eng -- Vice President McMaster University Hamilton Niagara Falls Office
Al also has 23 years experience in the field of structural consulting. For much of his career, he worked as the design engineer for a precast concrete manufacturer in Niagara Falls. Al left the manufacturing sector to form his own consulting firm, ACA Engineering, which amalgamated with the London office of VB&S in 2000 to form VBSA.

Mike Picco , P.Eng -- Associate McMaster University Hamilton Toronto Office
Mike started his own firm in 1986 as Picco Engineering. Picco Engineering is highly regarded as a leader in the stone cladding and anchorage design. Mike’s company has completed design of stone clad systems all over North America. Picco Engineering continues to be a leader in the stone design and detailing industry. Recently Mike has joined our firm as a partner heading up the VBSA Toronto office.