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UWO Recreation Centre
UWO Recreation Centre
London, Ontario

The University of Western Ontario

Final Project Cost:
$29.5 Million

Diamond Schmitt Arch. & Randy Wilson Architect

D. Grant & Sons

Spring 2008

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The design was completed and construction for the UWO Recreation Centre was valued at approximately $35 million dollars. The facility includes 6 gymnasiums, an Olympic size swimming pool, multi-use facility, 5 squash courts, weight room, offices and change room facilities.

The larger span of the existing roof, west of the cable support tower was supported by steel tension cables. The cables transfer the loads through the cables east of the tower to tension columns at the east side of the existing structure. The tension columns are anchored to 36 diameter caissons (belled to 72 dia.) approximately thirty feet deep.

Extensive renovations were completed within the existing structure. The east side of the cable towers housed the curling rink near the existing concourse level. The curling rink was demolished and excavated making room for new change room facilities below grade. The existing cable structure was analyzed to determine if the excavation for the change room affected the structural integrity of the caisson anchors along the east side of the building.