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What We Do

VB&S began in London, Ontario in 1994, expanded to Niagara Falls in 2000 and to Toronto in 2023. The firm of VanBoxmeer & Stranges Ltd. (VB&S) provides structural consulting services to Architects, Owners and Institutions, in southern Ontario, and abroad. VB&S has a network of Engineers allowing us to develop and design all types and sizes of structures.

Our work has allowed VB&S to quickly earn a reputation for providing high quality engineering services. In addition to gaining the confidence of our clients and peers, the size of projects we are commissioned to undertake is ever increasing. VB&S has completed many multi-million dollar structures, all to the satisfaction of the Clients and Owners. We receive compliments on the thoroughness of our design and the completeness and coordination of our drawings with the other consultants.

VB&S is consistently providing an un-compromised quality of service, producing a structure that is practically and thoroughly detailed. Our firm prudently explores all feasible alternatives during the preliminary design stages to ensure the most economic structure is built. These savings can be retained by the Owner, or returned to the new building's budget as enhanced architectural features that can benefit the public directly.

VB&S is proud to be highly progressive. We excel at providing the most economically viable structural engineering solutions with our unique process and by utilizing the most advanced analysis/design and drafting software. Our firm has completed many projects using Building Information Modeling (BIM) using REVITsoftware.

Our staff is primarily comprised of Engineers, which is truly a departure from the traditional structural office. This allows us to do our work more efficiently, eliminating duplicate tasks between drafters and designers. VB&S is revolutionizing the structural office.

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